What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

The type of blemishes present on your face could most certainly be a result of your habits as well as some underlying medical factors that you may not be aware of.

There are a lot of things you might be doing wrong unconsciously - without realizing that they are harming your skin in one way or the other. Furthermore, any unusual kind of blemishes or skin conditions can also indicate the state of your internal health! Read this post to get to know what your skin blemishes say about your habits and your physical health!

What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

1. Oily Skin What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your HabitsCaused By :- Overactive Sebaceous glands

Sebaceous glands are small glands in the skin that produce sebum (i.e. - natural oil) into hair follicles and skin. When these glands become overactive, they start producing an excess amount of sebum that makes the skin feel and appear oily.

The Solution - Cleanse your face two to three times a day with a mild natural cleanser. Exfoliate your skin and apply a clay-based mask biweekly to detoxify the skin deeply, get rid of dead skin cells and also to control the formation of excess sebum.

Furthermore, make sure to moisturize your skin adequately because lack of moisture in the skin can also make the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum. Our DeBelle Skin Moisturizer Green Tea Infusion is ideal for those with oily skin type as it has a lightweight, yet very nourishing formula with hydrating properties of green tea extracts.

2. Dry Skin What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

Caused By :- Environmental Factors / Certain Chemicals In Skincare Products 

Environmental factors like cold weather and dry winds cause dryness on your skin. Additionally, overexposure to air conditioners or fans can also disturb the moisture and hydration balance of your skin, making it dry and scaly in no time. If you skip using moisturizers or if you use skincare products that contain abrasive chemicals, then that could also be a major reason behind your dry skin. 

The Solution - Stay hydrated and drink 8-9 glasses of water every-day. Avoid products that contain chemicals like Alcohol, SLS, and Parabens. Always prefer using lukewarm or normal temperature water to wash your face.

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3. AcneWhat Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

Caused By :- Clogged Pores 

Your skin develops acne due to clogged pores on the skin. A hormone called androgen is said to be the main culprit behind acne and clogged pores. It over-stimulates sebaceous glands and leads to overproduction of sebum that clogs the facial pores by trapping oil as well as dirt inside them.

The Solution - Use face washes that contain 1-2% of salicylic acid in them, followed by a nourishing natural moisturizer. Don't try to pop the acne, it will leave a scar on your skin and make your skin look worse. Apply tea tree essential oil directly on the acne to make the healing process faster.

4. BlackheadsWhat Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

Caused By :- Excess Sebum 

Blackheads are generally caused due to overactive sebaceous glands. When sebum fails to move out of the skin's pores, it gets clogged in the facial pores along with dead skin cells and bacteria. And when the clogged pores get introduced to the air, they oxidize and turn black.

The Solution - Exfoliate your skin (especially the nose area) twice a week. Blackheads are also a form of acne so use products that are specifically made for acne-prone skin. You can also use blackhead clearing pore strips available in the market.

5. Dark Spots (Hyperpigmentation) What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

Caused By :- Sun Exposure and Hormonal Imbalance 

Overexposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun burns your skin and causes dark spots/hyperpigmentation. Imbalance in your body's hormonal levels may also lead to hyperpigmentation on your face. 

The Solution - Wear SPF before heading out during the day, your skin needs it! A cream that contains allantoin will also do the job of protecting your skin from the harsh sun rays. Aside from that, try to keep your diet clean and healthy to maintain hormonal balance in your body. 

6. Dark Under-Eye Circles What Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

Caused By :- Sleep Deprivation / Low Haemoglobin Levels

The skin around our eyes is very thin and delicate. It should always be treated with love and care. Usually, the dark under-eye circles appear because of our recklessness. Sleep deprivation, rubbing eyes excessively, not removing eye makeup properly, etc, are some of our reckless habits that lead to dark circles around the eyes. 

The Solution - Take an adequate amount of sleep each day. Consume iron-rich food to increase your haemoglobin levels and reduce the darkness naturally. Apply coconut oil mixed with vitamin E oil before you sleep.

7. RosaceaWhat Do Your Skin Blemishes Say About Your Habits

Caused By :- Abnormalities In Blood Vessels 

Rosacea is a skin disease which causes redness on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. According to dermatologists, the most common factor involved in rosacea is abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face which result in persistent flushing and redness.

The Solution - Since rosacea is a severe skin condition, it is better to see a dermatologist to find the best solution for the same. They can prescribe you topical medicines containing antibiotics or retinoids to treat rosacea. 

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