How To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

How To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

No one likes to show up on a date with less than perfect looking skin.

We all want to look our best when we are meeting that special someone for the very first time, don't we? But there are days when our skin just refuses to cooperate with us and acts up without any specific reason - right before an important event, like a first date! 

If you are in a similar situation, then don't fret. We are here with a few simple tips that will make your skin look perfect for the big day - that too without any makeup! Keep on reading to know how to get perfect skin before a date. 

How To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

1. Cleanse Your FaceHow To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

Your skin pampering session should start with cleansing! 

Spend good 4-5 minutes to thoroughly cleanse your face. This step will get rid of oil, sweat or any type of residue from the facial skin and leaves it squeaky-clean!

Use a cleanser of your choice on damp skin. Gently massage it into your skin for a while and then wash it off with water.

Bonus tip: After washing your face, always pat dry your skin with a gentle microfiber towel instead of rubbing it. Rubbing your skin with the towel can irritate it! 

2. Take A Steam TreatmentHow To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

Steam treatment helps to increase the blood circulation towards your skin, making your skin look radiant and flushed. Furthermore, it also opens up your facial pores which is helpful for the next step - exfoliation. Here is how you can take a steam treatment for face at home. 

  • Boil 2-3 cups of water in a utensil and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to it.
  • Hold your face over the steaming water. 
  • Drape a towel around your head and the utensil so that it traps the steam. 
  • Steam your face for 5-10 minutes. 

P.S.: Don't get too close to the hot water because it may cause skin inflammation. 

3. Exfoliate How To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

Exfoliation or scrubbing extracts dirt particles from the pores (that were opened up during the steam treatment) and also removes any dead skin cells or blackheads. To make a natural exfoliating scrub at home, mix coconut oil, brown sugar, and Vitamin E Oil together. Massage your facial skin with this DIY facial scrub for a good couple of minutes then rinse it off using lukewarm water.

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4. Apply A Face PackHow To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

Using a face pack can give your skin a quick pick-me-up by detoxifying and brightening it. There are tons of ready to use face packs available in the market, but if you don't have time to go out and find one then you can make it at your home itself! Here are some quick DIY face pack recipes for different skin types that are all-natural -

How To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

Normal Skin - Strawberries + Curd + Honey (adds a natural glow)

Oily Skin - Gram flour + Turmeric + Rose Water (removes excess sebum)

Dry Skin - Cocoa Powder + Honey + Milk (moisturizes the skin)

Combination Skin - Papaya Pulp + Milk (provides hydration)

Sensitive Skin - Carrot Puree + Honey (soothes the skin)

5. Use A TonerHow To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

    Toner helps to retain moisture in the skin and balance its pH level. It is a must-use product if your skin is dry or dehydrated. Avoid toners that contain alcohol and parabens because they can be too harsh for your skin. Instead, use natural toners like rosewater or cucumber juice to hydrate your skin. 

    6. Moisturize

    How To Get Perfect Skin For A Date

    Here we are, at the last step to get clear, beautiful date-ready skin! Moisturize your face and neck with DeBelle Fairness Cream to bring out the beautiful in you! The cream will leave your skin with a natural radiance and glow. It will not only moisturize, but also protect your skin from harmful UV rays while you will be enjoying your time out with your date! Top the moisturizer with DeBelle Fairness Talc which renders long-lasting freshness and sweet floral fragrance. It is enriched with pearl dust and turmeric oil. 

    Do this whole skin care ritual before you head out for your date and make an impression with your naturally flawless face! Best of luck! 

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