How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

One of the most popular words of the century is probably pandemic or quarantine. Yes, we have seen and heard things like never before. Speaking of this, we never knew what “maskcne” was until masks became a necessity and can cause some skin irritation. And today so many of us are dealing with it! The catch is that there’s no going back, you can’t stop wearing a mask, duh! We need to stop the spread of this virus.

We’re all humans, and sometimes acne can get out of hand if ignored. Your skin is something that you will have for the rest of your life, so instead of neglecting it, take care of it to keep it healthy! And since maskcne lives on our face rent-free, it’s time we bid them adieu with some effective tips! 

Let’s understand what maskcne is and how they come into the picture.

How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

Maskcne is basically acne that is caused by wearing a mask, hence the name; maskcne. Pimples, redness, irritation, bumpiness are all side effects of wearing a face mask. And you’re not the only one experiencing this.

The material of the mask does not play a big role here; rather, how comfortably does your mask fit, is all that matters. Because when we breathe, talk, or sweat a humid environment is created inside the mask causing friction and moisture tends to trap in.

This can irritate the skin and we need a solution as masks are after all the guardian angels at the end of the day.

Gear up and let’s get rid of maskcne together, with these effective tips!

How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

1. Washing your face twice a day keeps the maskcne away!How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

This applies whether or not you have acne, maskcne, or anything at all. Washing your face with a gentle face wash has proven to cleanse the skin and in turn, avoid acne.

Do not try to use hot water, because it tends to open up your pores making it prone to attract dirt and bacteria. Sticking to cold water is the best way to deal with maskcne as it closes your pores. It is advised to wash your face twice a day to avoid maintaining clean and healthy skin.

2. Say no to harsh chemicals How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

Your skin is a part of your body and you need to treat it gently especially when maskcne appears. You need to steer clear of any pore-clogging chemicals. Instead, switch to all-natural products that clean and moisturize your skin.

DeBelle Facial Exfoliator Mask is just the right one for you. The scrub exfoliates and deep cleanses your skin leaving it soft and moisturized. The key skin-loving ingredients like walnut beads and essential oils help you purify, cleanse and exfoliate your skin gently. Moreover, this is a double-duty skincare product and also acts as a clay mask if left for 10 mins on your skin!

With this Facial Exfoliator Mask in your skincare routine, you’ll be treating your maskcne with care and natural ingredients.

3. Moisturising is key How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

Dry skin is one of the main causes of acne in general. When combined with friction under the mask, skin can act out and get severely irritated. Make sure your skin is moisturized.

You can also switch up your face wash, body wash with something that is soothing for your skin. Like the DeBelle Almond & Oats Bar, it can be used on the face & body. The goodness of almonds and oats nourishes your skin and keeps your skin moisturized with the properties of essential oils. This handmade natural soap bar combats skin inflammations and soothes the skin, which is ideal to get rid of maskcne!

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4. Wake up and DON’T makeup How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

Make-up has pigments, chemicals and with the humidity under the mask, you are letting that acne have a party of their own. It’s good to skip a full face of makeup, and your face is going to be covered anyway so heavy makeup like foundation, powder, concealer, etc can be avoided.

But you can totally have fun with those eyes! This also reduces the process of removing makeup and rubbing wipes and cloth against your skin. Instead, go for a light eye look, remove it by washing it off, and gently pat it dry. And never go to bed with make-up on, that is rule number one.

5. Keep your mask clean How To Get Rid Of Maskcne

If you are using the reusable fabric masks then it is advised that you wash at the end of the day so that all the bacteria, sweat, and dirt doesn’t carry forward on the next day.

This can affect your maskcne and help prevent it from getting worse. Choose a mask that feels soft on your skin, since you might be wearing it for long hours, nothing about it should feel uncomfortable. Make sure that it is a breathable fabric and doesn’t cause a lot of friction. 

Conclusion: How To Get Rid Of Maskcne 

There are a million ways you can get rid of maskcne, but most of them either involve chemically concentrated products or gimmicky DIY methods. Remember to treat your skin gently and never go for something that puts the health of your skin at risk.

We care and that’s why we have curated products that can help in the process of getting rid of maskcne. DeBelle Facial Exfoliator Mask and DeBelle Almond & Oats Bar are both made to love your skin and provide it with the right care and natural ingredients.

The best part is that these are cruelty-free, vegan, & free of all toxic chemicals. Head over to our skincare section and say goodbye to maskcne with the natural goodness that we have crafted for your skin!

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