3 Reasons Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Often times, while strolling through the cosmetics aisle in the market or surfing your favourite online shopping websites, you may have come across skincare or makeup products carrying "cruelty-free" labels on them and wondered what the label indicates.

There is a lengthy process that goes behind the making of the cosmetic products that you use in your daily life. It all starts with mixing the right amount of ingredients that go into the products and ends with the testing phase in chemical labs where the cosmetic chemist runs various tests with the products' samples.

These tests ensure that the products they make are totally safe for our skin. One of the lab tests that a lot of cosmetic brands worldwide commonly do with their products is animal testing.

What is Animal Testing?

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

During the animal testing phase, the cosmetic product(s)  is used on rabbits/mice/rats to test the safety and hypoallergenic properties of the product(s). There are multiple methods of testing new cosmetic products on animals, and neither of them is any less cruel on the little creatures. The testing procedures cause an immense amount of pain and suffering to animals, eventually leading to their death.

Seeing a surge of voices opposing this kind of brutality against animals, countries like India, Israel, Norway as well as the whole of European Union, have put a total ban on cosmetic animal testing. Still, there are tons of cosmetic labs in other parts of the world that continue to test products on animals. And since there is no ban on imports of non cruelty-free cosmetics, brands are freely selling their animal tested cosmetic products all over the world - even in those countries where animal testing is strictly illegal!

By paying a little extra attention while choosing cosmetic products that you buy and use, you can eschew non cruelty-free products from your daily life. Below are the top 3 reasons why you should start using cruelty-free cosmetics right away.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

1. For Ethical Reasons

Animals may not have the ability to speak or express their emotions as we humans do, but they can totally feel pain and emotional suffering just like us. Little bunnies, mice and rats are put to endure gruesome torture in laboratories, all in the name of animal testing. As per a report from PETA, more than 100 million animals in the United States die every year due to chemical tests as well as medical experiments at universities.

By switching to cruelty-free cosmetics, you will be supporting small businesses like ours who strongly oppose unethical, crude and painful tests on animals.

2. It Is Safer For Your Skin

Cruelty-free cosmetic products have comparatively fewer chemicals (in some cases, zero!) than the ones tested on animals. They are mostly enriched with naturally derived ingredients that don't harm your skin in any way.

Our skincare range contains exotic natural ingredients that are nourishing and healthy for your skin. All of our products come with a full list of ingredients so that you can know what kind of ingredients you are putting on your skin and how they will work for you.

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3. It Is Better For Our Environment

Millions of animals die all over the world due to unnecessary cosmetic lab experiments performed on them, creating an imbalance in our ecosystem.

Your decision to choose cruelty-free cosmetics may not seem like an important change, but this little step of yours can make a big difference to our environment.

How To Switch To Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
i) Thoroughly Research About The Brand Before You Buy

There are a lot of online portals on which, you can check whether a brand is cruelty-free or not. PETA, the largest animal rights organization, has their own directory of cruelty-free skincare, nails and makeup brands that you can go through.

ii) Look For The Bunny Mark On Product Packaging

All cosmetic products of cruelty-free certified brands come with a bunny logo on the product packaging that denotes its cruelty-free status. There are 3 kinds of cruelty-free bunny logos.

You won't be sacrificing the quality of your skincare or makeup products if you plan to switch to cruelty-free cosmetics. So pick your products wisely and help make this world a better place for animals.

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