Introducing DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists!

DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists

DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists

Light and airy fragrances - designed keeping in mind different women and different moods! 

Every DeBelle scent has been distilled keeping in mind a certain type of woman, we start with the persona first, and then we manifest a fragrance that we believe the woman would personify! 

Be it a woody spicy scent for date night or something floral and sweet for your everyday use, DeBelle Body Mists have been intricately modelled to bring forth the beauty in you - to help mould you to be who you want to be, and to be the woman you already are.

Enriched with Jojoba oil and all natural ingredients, DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists are long-lasting and gentle on the skin. Our mantra is to create high-quality products that are free from artificial as well as harmful ingredients so that we can bring out beauty in a way which is good for you and for the planet! 

Explore our richly fragrant body mists in 5 variants -

Miss Allure

Introducing DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists!

Indulge yourself in this unique blend of Orange Blossom and multifaceted Bergamot, united with a mellow twist of Rose and Vanilla. The herbaceous Ylang-Ylang in this chic-oriental fragrance can send you to an adventure that you surely wouldn’t want to miss!

Haute Noir

Introducing DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists!

Pamper your aromatic senses with this sensual scent of Orange Blossom mingled with the sweet redolence of Pear. It settles down into a sweet yet seductive fragrance with the pleasing aroma of Jasmine and Vanilla. The woody scent of Black Coffee and Patchouli in this oriental-spicy blend make it the perfect fragrance for a date night or any exquisite occasion!

Bliss De Aqua

Introducing DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists!

An off-beat medley of refreshing Grapefruit and Bergamot scent, coupled with floral and herbaceous Jasmine and Basil accords. The Musk and Patchouli in this potion make it the perfect breezy fragrance that evokes relaxation! Too much is never enough with this body mist!

White Ombre

Introducing DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists!

Savor every moment of this spicy blend that combines the tartness of Cranberries with the earthy Cocoa note. It is balanced out with the soothing aroma of Rose and Vanilla accords. This floral and fruity fragrance can be your perfect friend to create that empowering yet subtle impression around you!


Introducing DeBelle Fine Fragrance Body Mists!

Embrace yourself with this graceful fragrance that has a rich facet of Bergamot and a sumptuous blend of floral notes. Intertwined with majestic & woody aromas of Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Vetiver, this mist is your chic-pick if you love floral yet earthy notes. 

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You deserve the best! 

“Bring Out The Beautiful You “

-  DeBelle.

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