Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Is there any woman in the world who does not like sporting long nails? The chances are slim to none! 

But here is a bitter truth, growing long nails may be easy, but maintaining them? Probably not!

Sounds shocking, No?

Anyone can grow long nails by having a proper nail care routine and nutritive diet, they can even use fake nails as a quick hack for getting them. But the truth is, long nails can come out as an obstacle between your daily life tasks!

Don't believe us? You would, once you have read these signs that indicate that it is the right time to chop your nails short!

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Scratches, Scratches.. And Some More Accidental Scratches!

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

No one likes to scratch oneself on purpose, but “accidental” scratches do happen when you have long nails.. More often than you can imagine! If you always end up scratching your face with your long nails while you are asleep (or even while you are awake!) then well, you might want to cut them short because having scratches on your face or on just any part of your body is no fun! And scratching is a cat's business anyway, not ours!

They Are Your Smartphone’s Worst Enemies

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Texting on a smartphone with long nails is really annoying! Long nails keep on hitting the screen and it can take you forever to type a single text because of them. Wait a second, did we mention that there would be a lot of texting typos involved too?

Looks like we need some new kind of advanced technology in our smartphones that will enable us to type with our nail tips with ease!

They Snap Off Too Easily

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Long nails are somehow more prone to breaking. They can become weaker and weaker as they grow. In fact, they can even start to snag on your clothes if they are chipped.

They Are Not For Contact Lens Wearers

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Imagine the scenario, you are trying to wear or remove your contact lenses when all of a sudden, you end up poking your eyes with your long nails. Just thinking about this whole scenario sends chills up your bones, doesn't it? So it is better to prevent it from happening by keeping your nails short.

Still not convinced to chop your nails?

Here is an easy solution, you can grow only your non-dominant hand’s nails so that you can use your dominant hand to wear and remove lenses comfortably.

They Hurt You When You Write

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Forget about writing on a piece of paper, long nails make it difficult to even hold a pen properly for a certain duration! They would keep on poking your fingertips if you try to hold it. Not something that people who are into writing jobs or have written exams approaching would find pleasant.

The same thing can happen while you are cooking, playing guitar or trying to hold just any object, apparently.

They Are A Hub Of Germs

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

That is it, the argument ends here!

The dirt accumulated beneath long nails makes them a deadly hub of various disease causing germs. It is clearly a threat to your health and moreover, it is unhygienic too. With long nails, one needs to pay extra attention to their nails’ hygiene and clean them with a brush or other such kind of tool multiple times in a day.

They Require A Break

Signs That Tell You To Chop Your Nails Short!

Keeping nail polish on the nails for too long makes them sensitive and hurts the nail beds as well. If you feel that your nails have become weaker and they don't appear to be healthy anymore, then just keep them bare for a while and cut them short. You will get a healthy, natural nail growth and strength! For more tips on nail strengthening, read our article how to strengthen nails at home.

Having long nails is truly a struggle and if it is becoming harder for you to maintain long nails, then you should probably consider cutting them short! Short nails don't look any less beautiful or feminine.

You can learn how to fake an illusion of elongated nails on your short, natural nails through our guide about Nail Contouring.

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