How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

We all love to adorn our nails with exquisite nail arts, but creating intricate patterns on tiny nail surfaces using the freehand technique is almost impossible - without breaking a sweat. Well, thanks to the nail art gods who have blessed us with the invention of the coolest ever nail art technique, which is the stamping technique!

Decorating your nails with the stamping nail art technique is not that hard, but there are a few things you need to take care of to get a fine and even design on your nails with it.

Once you get your nail stamping technique right, you can easily get beautiful nail art looks with endless design options! In this post, we are sharing some thorough tips that will help you to get your stamping technique right and achieve the perfect nail art look! Keep on reading. 

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

1. Setup Your Manicure Table

Keep all the things you would need for your stamping nail art handy. Other than the stamping tools, you will need a nail polish remover, a tape, a clean-up brush, and an old credit card or a visiting card. We will tell you later why you need a card for the stamping nail art!

2. Apply A Base Coat & Then The Nail Shade Of Your Choice

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

A base coat ensures that you get an even application of the nail lacquer over it by filling in all the ridges on your nails and making their surface smooth. It also helps to make your nail lacquer long-lasting. When you are using the stamping nail art technique, make sure that you use a normal base coat and not a peel-off one. You can also use a nail primer if your nails are too brittle. 

Let the base coat/primer dry for a couple of minutes and then apply the nail colour of your choice.

Tip:- Try out a gradient or ombre base for your stamping nail art to get a unique look!

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3. Don't Forget The Top Coat

After your base is ready, don't forget to apply a long-lasting top coat. The top coat makes your nails dry faster so that you can quickly go ahead with your stamping tools to create your nail art. Our DeBelle Top & Base Coat is a two in one product that you can use to prep your nails for stamping nail art easily! 

4. Clean The Stamping Plate & The Stamper 

It is always a good idea to clean your stamping plate and the stamper with a little bit of acetone before you use them. The acetone will remove any dirt, moisture or leftover polish on them that may end up on your nails and ruin your nail art.

5. Keep The Stamping Plate On A Flat Surface 

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

It is important that you keep and hold the stamping plate on a flat surface so that it doesn't move when you are lifting the design from the plate with the stamper.

6. Apply The Nail Polish On The Chosen Design & Scrape Over The Polish With The Card

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

Stamping plates have a lot of nail art designs on a single plate. Choose the design you like the best and simply apply a coat of nail polish over it. Then, immediately scrape-off the excess nail polish on the plate using a credit card or a visiting card. 

So here is the thing - all the stamping kits available in the market come with a scraper for this purpose, but most nail artists and manicurists suggest using a card to scrape off the polish instead of the plastic or metal scraper that you get in the kit. The card will not damage your stamping plate and it will scrape-off the polish more efficiently.

Make sure that you hold the card at a 45° angle and scrape-off the polish with light pressure.

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7. Roll The Stamper Over The Design Smoothly In One Go

Roll the stamper over your design in one steady and smooth move. You have to apply the correct amount of pressure to lift the image off the stamping plate otherwise the design will either get squished or faded. It takes a little bit of practice to do this!

8. Carefully Align The Position Of The Stamper Over Your Nail & Then Press & Roll The Stamper

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

Now that you have "copied" the design from the nail stamping plate, it is time to quickly "paste" it onto your nail! You have to be quick at this stage otherwise the nail art design on your stamper will dry out. 

To transfer the design, you have to use the same rolling motion as you did while lifting off the design. Also, you have to correctly position the stamper above your nail or else you would end up stamping the design on the skin around your nails! Positioning the design correctly is easier with a clear jelly nail stamper.

9. Clean The Nail Stamper And Stamping Design Plate Before Stamping Your Next Nail

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

Use a piece of sticky tape to remove excess polish from the stamper. For the plate, use a cotton ball dipped in acetone. Make sure that the nail polish is removed from all the grooves on the stamping plate. 

Once the stamper and the stamping plate are clean, you can repeat the stamping process on the rest of your nails.

Tip:- If you are just a beginner in stamping technique, initially you might want to try doing it just on your accent nail, instead of doing it on all of your nails. 

9. Wait For Your Design To Dry & Then Re-apply The Top Coat 

How To Get Your Stamping Nail Art Technique Right

To finish off, apply the top coat one more time to seal-in your design so that it looks fresh and stays on your nails for long!

10. Clean Off The Excess Polish Using A Small Brush

If you have any excess polish on the skin around your nails, you can carefully clean it up using a small brush dipped in acetone and get a precise look.

These were our 10 tips with which, you can easily get your stamping nail art technique right and flaunt new nail art designs without going to a nail salon! Follow these tips to create awesome nail arts and share them with us on Instagram at @debellecosmetix and use the hashtag #debellenails

Image Credits: El Corazon Blog, Nail Pro, Maniology/YouTube

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