8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

The Monsoon season is in a full swing at the moment and while it is a time for the pluviophiles to rejoice, this period is a worst nightmare for the fashionistas in the town!

During monsoons, one cannot really experiment much with their outfits. You gotta stick to comfy knee length clothes with boots or flip-flops to avoid getting dirty due to wet mud and puddles on the road. So how do you still make a style statement while keeping it simple with your outfit and shoes? With your nails, obviously!

Try out some fun monsoon inspired nail art designs which will make your nails look fashionable and chic! Spend the rainy days of monsoon at your home with a nice cup of tea and nail paints of your favourite shades and get creative with them! Check out 8 monsoon nail art designs below.

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

Rainbow Nail Art Design

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Fundamentally Flawless

Paint your nails in the colours of rainbow!

It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow, but for a rainbow nail art, you only need some colourful nail paints from your stash!

This rainbow nail art design done by Fundamentally Flawless is created using sugar spun nail art technique which has to be the easiest and the cutest nail art technique ever! Here is a quick tutorial on how to do sugar spun nail art with no tools!

Easy Multicoloured Nail Art Design With Dotticure

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

Feeling too lazy to do a rainbow nail art? Just paint all your nails in different colours and create small black dots on them using a toothpick or a Bobby pin. That's all, this is your cheat sheet to create a rainbow nail art design without putting any effort!

Clouds & Sun Nail Art Design

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

While it rains outside, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful clouds and the sun just by looking at your nails!

For this cute design, Paint your nails with a base colour of light blue and use a Bobby pin or a dotting tool to create clouds with white acrylic paint. Keep the dots as close as possible. For the sun, paint half of your nail with a yellow nail paint like Caramelo Yellow and use a fine nail art brush to draw the lines of the shining sun!

Raindrops Nail Art Design

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

Textured nail art design is a new thing and it is quite cool!

This raindrops nail art design requires only a base colour and a clear nail paint. To spice up the nail art more, you can use a holographic top coat instead of a clear nail paint. Firstly, paint your nails with a base colour of your choice. Once it is dry, put the blobs of top coat on your nails with a dotting tool or Bobby pin. The blobs should mimic the water drops, they don't have to be perfect. To make the drops pop out more, use a metallic base colour. For this nail art, instagram nail artist @tj.naileditt has used Aqua Frenzy from DeBelle Chrome nail lacquers collection.

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Glitter Gradient Nail Art Design

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

This nail art design reminds us of the beautiful orange skies during the monsoons dusk!

Our shimmer top coat over the yellow and coral gradient gives a spellbinding effect to the whole manicure. To create the gradient base, use Princess Belle and Caramelo Yellow. On your accent nail, you can use a colourful nail decal over a white base to amp up the look of your manicure.

Black & Pink Love Theme Nail Art

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

The subtlety of pink, boldness of black and the mesmerizing effects of holographic glitters combined into a nail art! Instagram nail artist @itskittynails is giving us major goals with her nail art in which, she has used our newest addition to the nail lacquers collection, the shimmery top coat. Get inspired with it and create your own love themed nail art design for the romantic monsoon season!

Bright Yellow Nails With Colorful Accent Nail 

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

Is the muggy monsoon season making you feel low? Lift your spirits with bright yellow nails with this ultra cute nail art! This peppy sunny side up manicure will surely uplift your mood! For this one, paint all your nails in the shade of yellow like Caramelo Yellow from our collection. Use white, black and orange acrylic paints to create cute egg prints as shown in the image. Using acrylic paints gives you more control over the design part. You can easily find them in stationary stores.

Black & Yellow Geometric Nail Art

8 Monsoon Nail Art Designs

How much yellow is too much yellow?

The quirky combination of yellow and black in this nail art is going to make your nails a statement! You can easily freehand this design using striping tape as guides. Or if you have a nail stamping kit with such geometrical patterns, it will be easier for you to replicate this design.

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When you cannot get creative with your outfits, get creative with your nails! Do try out these fun monsoon nail arts and share your pictures with us on Instagram using hashtag #DeBelleNails

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