5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

Women are a creative force. Their multidimensional mindset is a cornerstone that every growing company in the 21st century should have. The feminine touch and emotional intelligence of women helps build a healthy workplace environment.

As per a comprehensive study titled "Investing in Women" by International Finance Corporation, having more women employees in a company works positively for the business. They don't only play a critical role in the global economy, but they also bring in substantial growth to companies. If  women all over the world continue to get equal chances at workplaces, they can raise the global GDP by 26% in 2025, as suggested by McKinsey Global Institute's research.

With this article, we are sharing the top 5 advantages of having women at workplace and how their strengths can benefit a company.

Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

1. Women Are The Best Communicators

5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

Communication plays a major role in all types of workplaces. So no matter what kind of industry you might be working in, poor team communication can lead to a downfall of your company by creating conflicts.

Men and women have different ways of expressing themselves, but if we do a comparison, women are known to be the best communicators. Women are naturally equipped with great communication skills with which they can lead a group of individuals towards success and keep them motivated towards their goals. They are better at understanding non-verbal cues as well.

2. They Are The Problem Solvers

5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

Multiple researchers have found out that having diversity in thoughts and opinions leads to better problem-solving methods. Hence, having a gender diverse workplace where men and women co-exist together is actually helpful in solving problems and bringing innovative changes that can bring success to your company.

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3. They Improve Productivity Levels At Workplace

5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

Popular productivity platform, Hive, found out in their State Of The Workplace Report that women complete 10% more work than men - making them more productive and hardworking employees. Since they have good communication skills, they are also great motivators who can push their colleagues to achieve goals and think outside the box.

4. They Are Natural Team Leaders

5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

Due to their excellent communication skills and empathetic nature, women are known to be great team leaders. In a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, female leaders received more ratings in overall effective leadership than men.

Furthermore, the data from the Pew Research Centre also showed that American workers tend to find women executives more reliable than male executives. Showing concern for others is something which naturally comes to women and that helps them build smooth relationships with their colleagues or juniors.

5. They Give Your Company The Much-needed "Consumer Insights"

5 Advantages Of Having Women At Workplace

For any consumer driven business, having an insight into their average customer's likes and dislikes gives them a great edge. And since women are known to dominate the global marketplace by driving 70-80% of consumer purchasing worldwide, they have a better understanding about the needs of customers. Hence, their insights and first-hand experiences can help your business build better products or services.

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