Why Handmade Soap Bars Are People's Go-to Product Now in India

Trending Now - Handmade Soap Bars in India: With tons of soaps in the market, terms like handmade, customized, artisanal, natural, organic have gained popularity. And as people have gradually moved on to supporting small businesses and products made in India, the soap industry is on the top list. Unique and nourishing combinations of body scrubs and soap bars are readily available.

When you know something is handmade; it is made with close attention to detail, a lot of care, and love. And when it comes to soap bars, they have to be made with carefully chosen ingredients to give you the best pampering experience. But there is more than one reason why people prefer handmade soap bars over commercial ones, and we are here to tell you all about it!

Why Handmade Soap Bars Are People's Go-to Product Now in India 

Handmade bathing bar in India

1. More natural ingredients, fewer chemicals

A wide variety of natural ingredients like shea butter, thyme, coffee, almonds, and more are used in handmade soaps. These ingredients are not processed or artificial; hence, they are far more effective. Handcrafted soaps also contain a collection of essential oils with healing properties, which is why these soaps make an excellent option for people with certain skin conditions or allergies.

DeBelle Almond & Oats Bar - Natural & Handmade Soap is enriched with the natural goodness of Almond, Oats & Fuller's earth, also known as Multani Mitti; it has the perfect blends for healthy, glowing, & nourished skin.

On the other hand, commercial soaps are known for their harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, sulfates, and more. These ingredients do nothing but make your skin dry, itchy and increase the risk of getting skin conditions.

You don't want your skin to go through this; simply opt for a handmade soap bar to eliminate the threat. It contains skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory, pH balancing, skin-brightening, tan removal, and nourishing properties from natural ingredients!

2. Handmade soap bars contain naturally-occurring glycerin 

Did you know that glycerin was accidentally discovered in 1779 by a chemist heating an olive oil mixture?

Since then, it has been used in making soaps that are vegan and free of chemicals, fragrances, and alcohol that can irritate your skin and ensure that your skin remains moisturized. When handmade soap bars are produced, glycerin occurs naturally during the process.

Many soap companies extract this glycerin from the final product as it is a highly valued ingredient and is primarily used in lotions and creams for added moisturization.

A handmade soap bar that contains natural glycerin cleanses your skin without stripping the natural oils from your skin, which is what we all want! The absence of glycerin merely makes skin dry and flaky.

With the goodness of so many essential oils derived from Turmeric, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Chamomile, and more, you are bound to see results with our Almond & Oats soap bar.

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3. Handmade soap bars are eco-friendly 

By now, you know that handmade soap bars benefit your skin in many ways, but did you know that they cause zero harm to the environment?

Since handmade soaps do not contain chemicals and are essentially made of organic natural ingredients, they do not affect the water bodies they end up in.

Most commercial soaps contain chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate; they are harmful to your skin and pollute the water and the life underneath!

The DeBelle Almond & Oats Bar - Natural & Handmade Soap is crafted with the cold processed method. It contains the skin-soothing properties of Multani Mitti, which is far more environmentally friendly and skin-friendly!

Another side of this is that handmade soaps are produced on a relatively smaller scale, so less wastage of resources and fewer emissions and pollutants are released.

Handmade bathing bar in India

If you are a consumer of natural handmade soap bars, you should take pride in them. You’re not only helping your skin but also the environment. What’s more, we love giving you organic products and do our bit to reduce waste.

To use our almond and oats bar, simply work the soap into a nice lather using your palms or a loofah and apply it to your face & body. Gently massage it and cleanse your skin with a circular motion. Rinse off and pat dry. 

The DeBelle Almond & Oats Bar is free from the plastic packing so that you can add it to your cart guilt-free! Choose our Zero Waste soap bar and reduce your carbon footprint. 

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