Post-Vacation Skincare Tips

Post-vacation blues are real, aren't they? Just the thought of going back to your same, normal routine or a tiring 9-to-5 job after having a relaxing vacation can give you post-vacay blues as soon as you enter your home. But do you know what else is real apart from that? Post-vacation
skin disasters!

We all deserve to have a nice vacation to our dream destination as it helps to de-stress ourselves from the daily rigors of our life. But guess what? A lot of us neglect our skincare routine wholly amidst all the fun and enjoyment that we have during our vacay. This leads us to many skin related disasters which mostly go unnoticed while we are on the vacay.

There are many other factors that can contribute to skin issues during or after a vacation.

Change in weather, dry air of airplane cabins, jet lag, sun exposure.. These all add up to make your skin look dull, tired and tanned. We are sharing these 5 post-vacation skincare tips that will healthify your skin again after your holidays! Read them below.

Post-Vacation Skincare Tips

Detoxify Your Skin 

Post-Vacation Skincare Tips - Skincare After Vacation

Detoxification simply means “the process of removing toxic substances”. So the detoxification of the skin implies the extraction of dirt or impurities that might have accumulated inside your facial pores during your travels. You can detoxify your skin after a vacation using these 5 steps -

→ Step #1 Cleanse

Cleanse your skin with a soap free face wash or a face cleanser.If you want to go natural and DIY your own face wash, just use a little bit of gram flour, milk and
a pinch of turmeric. Mix it well on your palm and use your fingertips to gently rub it on your face.

→ Step #2 Steam 

Once your skin is all clean, go ahead and take a “steam facial” to prep your skin for the step #3.

If you have one of those mini steam machines then that is great, otherwise you can go with the old-school method of taking a steam. Take a large pot of boiling water, add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice and hold your face above the pot.

→ Step #3 Scrub

Steaming your skin opens up your facial pores and makes the process of extracting blackheads or dirt with a scrub much easier! So after steaming, use a mild scrub on your face - concentrating on the areas where you have any blackheads/whiteheads.

→ Step #4 Face Pack

This step will not only help you with the extraction of dirt and impurities from your skin, but it will also reduce skin tanning that might have caused due to direct sun exposure while you were exploring places during your vacay!

Clay based face packs are the best for complete detoxification of the skin. They are well suited
for all skin types. These are the types of skin-friendly clay powders that you can use as a face pack by mixing them with water -

  • Fuller's Earth (also known as Multani Mitti)
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Bentonite Clay
  • French Red Clay
  • Lavender Mud

All of them can be easily found in the markets!

→ Step #5 Tone

The 5th and the final step of your skin detoxification process is toning. Toning your skin will further remove the dirt and impurities from your skin that the previous 4 steps might not have removed.

You only need to take one or two cotton pads and rose water to tone your face. Pour rose water on the cotton pad and swipe it across your face to remove dirt while adding hydration to your skin.

That is all! With these 5 steps, your skin will start to feel fresh and healthy again.

Re-Energize Your Skin With Antioxidants

Post-Vacation Skincare Tips - Skincare After Vacation

Vacation can do a lot of free radical damage to your skin which can be averted with the topical use of antioxidants!

Antioxidants repair the damages caused by free radicals and they also protect your skin from the harmful effects of toxins present in the environment. Feed your skin with antioxidants rich moisturizer - DeBelle Fairness Cream which has the goodness of mulberry extracts and kojic
acid that brighten ups your complexion instantly!

Have A Foot-Spa Day At Home

Post-Vacation Skincare Tips - Skincare After Vacation

With all that walking we do on our vacay, we end up with tired and swollen feet! That is why, they deserve a little extra care post-vacay.

Of course, you might not want to spend a thousand
bucks in a fancy salon to get a pedicure right after you have emptied your bank accounts on your vacation. We have got you covered with our guide about How To Do A Relaxing Foot Spa At Home In Simple Steps​.

Cut Out Junk Food From Your Diet For A While 


Post-Vacation Skincare Tips - Skincare After Vacation

When we visit a new place or a country during our vacay, we try to devour on as many regional delicacies we can find.

But as you know, oily or fatty food aggravates acne and it is not at all good for your skin's health.You can make up for all those cheat-meals you must have had in your vacay by cutting down on junk food for a while, after you are back home!

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

 Post-Vacation Skincare Tips - Skincare After Vacation

Say bye-bye to jet lag by getting a proper sleep of 7-8 hours in the comfort of your own bed! Your sleep pattern directly affects your skin’s health and appearance.

If you have not had a good sleep because of your vacation, your skin might appear to be tired and your eyes will look
puffy. So get your sleeping routine back on track!

How do you rejuvenate your skin after a vacay? Let us know in the comments below.

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