Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

India is known as the land of Ayurveda - the science of life. The discovery of Ayurveda’s concept dates back to 5000 BCE. Its concept is eulogized throughout the world as it promotes the use of natural herbs and other holistic approaches to treat and prevent ailments. It basically connects the people with the mother nature and helps them to heal faster with the use of natural ingredients.

Many of us believe that the use of Ayurvedic techniques is confined to our bodily health and inner beauty, but the truth is, it has a lot to offer for our outer beauty as well!

There are tens and hundreds of beauty secrets that use natural ingredients for skin and they all were originated in India, most of the credits go to Ayurveda for this!

Let's take a look at some of the top most Indian originated beauty secrets that people who love to include natural ingredients in their skincare rituals are going to find very interesting!

Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

Ubtan For Tan Free Skin 

Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

An ubtan is a traditional paste made with natural ingredients that beautifies the skin by removing tan and adding a glow. It is used by brides and grooms before their wedding day so that their skin can look flawless on their D-Day.

Ubtan can be made by mixing various natural ingredients together that might be readily available at your home all the time. For example, these are the commonly used ingredients in ubtans - turmeric, sandalwood powder, rose water, yogurt, etc. Here is a unique DIY Ubtan recipe that is being used from the ancient times, for this DIY you will need -

  • 2 tablespoons of Masoor Daal Powder (Red Lentils)
  • 2 tablespoons of Besan (Gram Flour)
  • 2 tablespoons of Rice Flour
  • ½ tablespoon of Turmeric Powder (wild turmeric juice works better)
  • 4 tablespoons of Yogurt

Make an even paste with all of these ingredients. You can adjust the quantities as per your requirements. This ubtan can be used for face and body both. It should be left on the skin for about 15-20 minutes to fetch the maximum benefits out of the natural ingredients used in this ubtan. To remove the ubtan, use gentle, circular massaging motions. If the ubtan gives you a hard time during the removal process, then simply use rice flour or wheat flour on the top for an easy removal.

Masoor daal, which is the hero ingredient of this ubtan recipe, is a nutrient rich lentil that improves the texture of the skin and brightens up the complexion. A must try DIY whenever your skin feels the need of a little pick me up!

Neem For Acne Free Skin

Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

A lot of the natural ingredients prescribed in the Ayurvedic medications are used to tackle different types of skin issues, neem being one of them.

As a health treatment, neem is used to purify the blood and balance out pita and kapha - two of the three doshas in Ayurveda. And because of its antibacterial capabilities, neem can be used on the skin to get rid of acne. No matter what may be the reason behind the acne on your skin, neem leaves will help you to reduce its size significantly and make it vanish faster!

You may use neem in different ways to treat acne. The neem essential oil available in the market can be added to face packs or moisturizers to make them more effective. However, if you want to try a DIY remedy with neem for treating acne, then all you will need is some neem leaves and a grinder!

Grind the neem leaves and make a thick paste which you can apply all over your face or just on your acne with the help of a Q tip. Wash off the paste after 20 minutes and follow it up with a moisturizer. Use it on your skin multiple times to get suitable results.

Multani Mitti For Detoxified Skin

Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

Clay based face packs are popular throughout the world, but the use of Fuller's Earth - known as Multani Mitti in Hindi, was originated in India. This clay detoxifies the skin by extracting the impurities from the facial pores and removes excess sebum from the surface of the skin. It is totally a godsend ingredient for those with oily to combination skin.

Those with dry or sensitive may use Multani Mitti as a face pack by mixing it with milk and cream so that it can moisturize the skin while taking out the impurities. Whereas, those with oily to combination skin can mix it with rose water or distilled water. You can not only use it as a face pack, but also as a daily, gentle face wash.

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Dried Orange Peel Powder For Deep Cleansing

Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

Do you throw away the peels of oranges after devouring on this delicious, tangy fruit? Well, don't do it anymore because it can be recycled to be used in your beauty ritual!

Dried orange peels can be powdered and used as a face and body scrub for a deep cleansing. The powder of dried orange peels is technically a very multipurpose ingredient and it can be used by people of all skin types. Being a great source of vitamin C, this ingredient will remove tan from your skin and make your skin appear younger with its skin firming properties.

It is easy to make dried orange peel powder at home, just keep the orange peels in direct sunlight for a few days and once they have dried, grind them in a mixer until you have a fine powder. Store it in an airtight container to keep away the moisture.

Tulsi To Get A Glowing Skin From Within

Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

In India, tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves are used in teas and kaadhas (decoctions) to provide relief from colds and throat infections in a jiffy. Tulsi leaves purify the blood in your body, preventing the formation of acne and pimples due to the presence of toxins.

Ayurveda experts recommend consuming 2-3 tulsi leaves everyday on an empty stomach to keep your inner body toxin free and healthy. Do note that the tulsi leaves should not be chewed, they must be directly swallowed.

Don't like the taste of tulsi? No worries, you can still fetch its skin benefits with this refreshing DIY skin toner. You will need -

  • Tulsi
  • Rose Water
  • Plain Water
  • Glycerine
  • 2-3 drops of Essential Oil of your choice

Wash the tulsi leaves thoroughly and put the water in a saucer for boiling. Once the water has boiled, add tulsi leaves and let them steep for a while. Filter the extracts, let the concoction cool down and then add the rest of the ingredients to it. Transfer the toner into a spray bottle so that it is more convenient to use! Your refreshing DIY Tulsi toner/mist is ready which you can use on your skin anytime!

Gram Flour & Turmeric For Facial Hair Removal

Indian Originated Beauty Secrets

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From waxing to laser treatments - all of the hair removal methods are extremely painful and they always burn a hole in our pockets, don't they?

Indian Women from ancient times have passed on a major life hack for us with which, we can get rid of facial hair using only two ingredients - Gram flour and turmeric powder!

This hack may not work to remove underarm hair as the hair growth in that area is usually thick. But you can easily remove your facial hair with it, it will make your skin much smoother and your base makeup will also be applied very smoothly!

Combine turmeric and gram flour with water to make a thin paste. Apply the paste evenly on your face and leave it on until it has dried totally. Use a cloth dipped in warm water to rub off the face pack, all the fine hair on your face will be gone!

This hack is totally a life saviour and the best, painless way to remove unwanted facial hair without spending a penny.

Do you know about an interesting Indian beauty secret? Share with us in the comments below and also let us know which of these 6 beauty secrets are you planning to try!

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