6 DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

Bright coloured umbrellas, the fragrance of wet soil, and a long drive are just a few of the things we love about monsoon. But we don't like the dozens of new skin issues it brings. During the monsoon, the skin becomes sensitive and can react negatively to the humidity and dampness in the air.

As a result, if you want to keep your skin happy and glowing during the rainy season, you must take extra and take good care of it. The use of chemically altered beauty products should be avoided at all costs. The second step should be to replace them with a homemade face mask for glowing skin, which we will help you with today!

Here are 6 DIY face masks you can try this rainy season to take care of your skin.

DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

1. Tulsi, Honey, and Orange Face mask DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

If you have oily skin, the monsoon season can be a nightmare. However, there are several natural face masks that you can try if you have oily skin. For example, the tulsi, honey, and orange face mask for oily skin.

These ingredients aid in the reduction of excess oil production in the skin as well as the relief of inflammation and blemishes caused by pimples or acne. Take a handful of tulsi leaves, crush them into a smooth paste, and add a teaspoon of orange powder and honey. Allow it to soak for 20 minutes before washing with water.

2. Yoghurt & Rose Face Mask  DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

Natural face masks will not only help restore the skin's health but will also make it glow. The best natural face mask for dry skin is yoghurt and rose face mask. Yoghurt is a natural moisturiser with deep conditioning properties that softens dry skin and prevents premature ageing.

The monsoon dries out the skin, leaving it dull and dry. On the other hand, rose gives the skin a natural glow. Add 2 tablespoons thick yoghurt and 1 teaspoon Rose Water to the face. Allow this dry skin face mask to sit for 20 minutes before washing.

3. Milk Protein Face mask DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

This easy-to-make homemade face mask for glowing skin will pamper your skin. Milk is the best natural moisturiser for your skin, and when combined with the goodness of almonds, aloe vera, and honey, you have the best magic potion your skin can get. In a bowl, mix a teaspoon of each and apply. Allow 15 minutes for the face mask to dry before rinsing with water.

4. Mask Made of Sandalwood DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

A sandalwood mask is ideal for those who have acne-prone or irritated skin. Mix 5-6 spoons of sandalwood powder with some milk. Add one spoon of aloe vera gel and one spoon of turmeric if desired.

Combine all of the ingredients and apply them to the face. Wait until the homemade face mask is completely dry before washing it off with cold water. Apply this Indian face mask during the rainy season to get glowing and healthy skin.

5. Face Mask with Almonds DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

An almond face mask is excellent for use on normal, oily, and dull skin, especially on rainy days. It is also beneficial in preventing skin ageing. Take a few almonds and soak them in milk to make your almond face mask for use during the monsoons. Make a paste with the almonds. Add one spoon of honey to it and apply it to your face. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water to let this Indian face mask do all the work during the rainy season.

6. Multani Mitti Face mask DIY Face Masks To Try This Season

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti can be used to remove dust and dirt from the skin while also keeping it moisturised. Apply this mask to your face and neck and leave it to dry for a few minutes. Mix 5-6 spoons of Multani mitti with some rose water. Remove with cold water. On the other hand, people with dry skin should avoid this mask.

Rainy days are the most unpredictable days because they are both cloudy and dry; hence, along with these DIY face masks, make sure you also wear your sunscreen every day. Rainy days require a different skincare routine and we hope that these 6 DIY face masks will assist you in adding a touch of nature to your skincare regime.

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