7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

No matter how much time you spend on taming those locks with a blow dryer, it can be a bit of a task to get that fresh-out-of-the-salon look with a blowout at home! If you prefer to blow dry your hair at home instead of going to a salon, you will be saving a lot of time and money! But if you are making these 7 blow dry mistakes, your hair might not look as perfect as you would expect them to be! Read this post to know about 7 most common blow dry mistakes and how you can fix them.

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake #1 - Blow Drying Dripping Wet Hair

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

Your hair should be at least 60% dry to begin with blow drying!

Blow Drying sopping wet hair will make your hair develop frizz. It will also lead to weakening of your hair since your hair will be exposed to heat for too long! Try to towel dry your hair as much as possible before you blow dry it. Or else, wait for at least 15-20 minutes post showering. The blow drying process will become much easier for you and there would not be a lot of damage to your hair!

Mistake #2 - Using Blow Dryer On The Highest Temperature Setting

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

If you use the blow dryer with the highest temperature setting in efforts to dry your hair faster, you may end up with a few strands of your hair fried! Excessive heat on the hair also leads to split ends and frizz.

Always keep the blow dryer’s setting on medium or low, even if you have to spend a few extra minutes to blow dry all of your hair, it will be a safer choice to go with!

Mistake #3 - Blow Drying Your Hair In The Wrong Direction7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

After blow drying your hair by yourself, have you ever wondered why it doesn't look as fab and voluminous as it looks when you get it blow dried and styled by a hair pro in a salon? You might be using the same kind of blow dryer that they use in the salon, but you might not get the same results if you are blow drying your hair in the wrong direction!

To make your hair look voluminous and maximize the hair lift at the hair roots, you should blow dry your hair in the opposite direction to which it falls. For example, if you have parted your hair to your left, you should blow your tresses to the right.

Similarly, to get volume on your crown section, you should lift a section of your hair from that part with a barrel brush and blow out from behind. Use a little bit of dry shampoo or talcum powder on the hair roots to give them more texture.

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Mistake #4 - Not Sectioning Your Hair

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

When a hair pro blow dries your hair at a salon, they might not feel the need of putting your hair in sections to cover all the areas because they can easily access the hair on the back of your head. But when you blow dry your hair at home, you might want to section them so that you can properly blow out all the areas of your hair. Divide small parts of your hair and tie them with a hair tie or clip to section them. The whole process of blow drying will feel more manageable for you!

Mistake #5 - Keeping The Blow Dryer Too Close To The Hair

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

Holding the blow dryer too close to your hair for too long can burn and damage your hair as well as scalp badly. You should hold the hair dryer at least 30 centimeters away from your hair and keep moving it, never keep it stationary in one spot to dry your hair faster!

Mistake #6 - Skipping The Heat Protectant

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

Using a heat protectant before blow drying your hair is a must! A heat protectant not only saves your hair from the ill-effects of the heat of the blow dryer, but it also makes your blowout last longer and gives a smoothing effect to the hair.

Want to DIY your own heat protectant spray? Here is an easy one!

For your DIY heat protectant spray you will need:

  • An empty spray bottle.
  • A hair conditioner without silicone.
  • 2 drops of almond oil.
  • Water.

Fill the spray bottle with water, leave only a little space for the rest of the ingredients. Add all other ingredients and shake the bottle well. You should shake the bottle every time you use it so that the ingredients can mix up well. Do not forget to spray it on the back of your head before you blow dry your hair!

P.S. - this concoction can also be used as a hair serum on damp hair!

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Mistake #7 - Using A Metal Comb

7 Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

Metal comb is not a good option to be used during blow drying as metal is a good conductor of heat. It can overheat due to the hot air of blow dryer and burn your hair. Get a ceramic coated barrel comb especially to be used for this purpose! Giovanni Vaccaro, creative director at GLAMSQUAD tells Self.com - “For women with straight hair who want movement, ceramics [combs] are fantastic,”

“For women who want smoothness but have coarse, frizzy hair, boar bristle is key to provide the right amount of tension needed to achieve that smoothness.”

Forget about these rookie mistakes and become a blow-drying pro!

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