5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

The much awaited festival of Holi which is celebrated throughout the country with utmost zeal is here! Are you excited about all the fun that is to come?

This whole festival of Holi whirls around playing with colours and getting smeared with them. But as Holi colours are filled with harsh chemicals and pigments that can wreck a havoc on the skin, it is important that you take some precautionary steps to protect your skin from their ill effects.

With this post, we want to make sure that your skin is the last thing you worry about while you are enjoying the celebrations of this festival of colours with your friends and family! After all, this joyous festival comes only once in a year so it should be celebrated with fun and enthusiasm. Here are the 5 important holi skincare tips + some bonus tips for protecting your hair and nails!

5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

Slather Up Your Skin With A Moisturizer

5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

Once the holi colours stick to your dry and unmoisturized skin, they will be a pain to get rid of! Moreover, since most of the Holi colours contain harsh chemicals, their direct contact with the skin may cause breakouts or rashes immediately or the very next day.

You can save yourself from all of these possible bad effects of Holi colours with the use of a moisturizer.

A moisturizer will act like a barrier between your skin and the colours, making the process of removing the holi colours much faster and easier! They will come right off your skin with a little bit of facial cleanser and water.

So on the day of holi, the first thing that you should do is slather up your skin with a moisturizer before anyone gets a chance to put colours on your face!

Moisturize The Rest Of Your Body Too

5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

The skin on the rest of your body can also suffer the ill consequences of holi colours!

Use a moisturizer all over your arms, legs and neck. Don't forget about moisturizing your earlobes as well as the hair line because that is where the Holi colours stick the most and such areas are usually left unnoticed by us.

Don't Scrub Your Face Or Use A Face Pack Right Before Playing Holi

5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

Scrubbing your face or using a face pack will open up your facial pores which is not something that you would want because open pores will make it easier for the harsh chemicals present in Holi colours to penetrate deep into your skin and cause skin issues.

Use a good face scrub and face pack only when you are done playing Holi. They will detoxify your skin by extracting all the colours and dirt from your pores.

Make Your Own Chemical Free Holi Colours That Are Safe For Your Skin

5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

Ditch the chemical filled Holi colours that are available in the market and make your own, all-natural colours at home that would not harm your skin! In fact, they would benefit your skin in a lot of ways as they will be made with skin loving ingredients. Here are the ingredients that you require to make DIY natural Holi colours at home -

  • Besan (Gram flour)
  • Sandalwood powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Orange peel powder
  • Essential oils of your choice

Put all of these ingredients in a large bowl and use your hands to mix them well. You will have a beautiful yellow coloured gulaal that is all natural and safe for your skin! The essential oil will make the colour smell wonderful.

For pink Holi gulaal, use beetroot powder mixed with gram flour.

If you don't have the time to make DIY Holi colours, you can buy organic ones from the market that don't harm your skin or the environment!

Prepare For Post-Holi Skincare In Advance

5 Important Holi Skincare Tips To Follow

After playing holi, the chances are that you are going to be too tired to even care about the condition of your skin. Hence, it is a good idea to prepare for your post-holi skincare in advance!

Keep some clean towels and a bowl of Gram flour (to use as ubtan for easy removal of Holi colours) in your bathroom. Also, put your face moisturizer within a hand's reach so that you can apply it on your skin as soon as you are out of the shower.

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Bonus tips for Holi haircare and nailcare -

→ Apply coconut oil or castor oil liberally on your hair. This will make the holi colour slide off your hair easily.

→Mix lemon juice with oil as it will further protect your hair from the chemicals.

→ If you have long hair, tie them up into a bun or a braid. Wear a bandana for a stylish look!

→ Apply a dark coloured nail polish like Moulin Rouge or French Affair from our collection on your nails. The nail polish will protect your nails from the stains of Holi colours.

→To protect your cuticles from the stains, you can either use a moisturizer or you can apply a thick layer of clear or n*de nail polish. The polish may look weird on the cuticles, but it will effectively protect them, nonetheless!

Follow these tips and enjoy the festival of colours to the fullest, without being worried about your skin! Team DeBelle wishes you a very colourful and vivacious Holi!

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